Brixton escorts weight lose tips

Due to the series of holidays and cold winter, a lot of people are gaining additional 2 – 5 kg. A girl from Brixton Escorts of, Susanne, has carefully studied the tips on how to lose weight, and selected the best to help you lose weight. Surely, you have repeatedly met advices on how to lose weight. Indeed there are a variety of offers on how to lose weight. But that is why it is so difficult to choose from the one that is effective.


But you’re lucky – Susanne from Brixton Escorts found the most sensible tips that really work. So, let’s begin….


Eat soup.

Have you ever noticed how full do you feel after eating a soup? Eat the soup! This is one of the best tips on how to lose weight. A bowl of any soup, especially with vegetables, is a way to lose weight. Get into the habit of eating soup for lunch or dinner every day, and add different products to it. Soup contains a lot of nutrients and fiber. The feeling of satiety, which gives the soup will make you forget about other dishes in the afternoon or late at night. Try to eat homemade soups whenever possible. High sodium content in canned soups can be dangerous for people with high blood pressure.


Analyze your mood.

Another tip from Susanne from Brixton Escorts is that many people, without even realizing it, are eating to calm down, to distract from the problems, to have fun or to decreases the stress or other negative emotions. Some people, like smokers and alcoholics become physiologically addicted to food, using it as a means of solving their basic problems. If you feel that you often eat to improve your mood, it is better to consult a therapist, rather than the refrigerator.


Make your everyday menu more diverse.

Another important aspect, that Susanne from Brixton Escorts draws our attention to, is to focus on the new products that you can add to your diet, and thereby diversify its menus, rather than dwelling on foods that should be limited or eliminated from your diet to get rid of excess fat. Try every week adding into your diet any product from whole grains, fruits or vegetables. Make for yourself a list of favorite and healthy dishes that you will always be able to pamper yourself as soon as you start to feel that your diet seems monotonous and boring.


Susanne from Brixton Escorts recommends to choose foods that can not be quickly eaten. This is a good advice for anyone who wants to lose weight, especially for those who eat too fast (the right way to get a lot of calories without even realizing it). Expanding your diet to include healthy foods, try to include products that can not be eaten quickly. For example, products where you want to remove the peel or skin – artichokes, pomegranates, kiwi fruit, fish, which need to be cleaned, or even a hard-boiled egg.

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