The Things That All Men Should Know

Are their some things that all men should know? As a London escorts dominatrix, I know that there are things that men simply need to know, or at least, should know. Many people who like to visit dominatrix queens at London escorts are poorly domesticated and need to be sorted out. Are all London escorts into domination? No, they are not. If you think that you are in need of domestication or should be brought down a peg or two, it is about time you visited a dominatrix at your nearest London escorts agency.

To find a dominatrix at London escorts is easy? Simply put in dominatrix near me or London escorts near me in a search engine such as Google, and you will soon find a dominatrix. If you are lucky, your local friendly dominatrix will have posted the location of her dungeon ion Google maps. All you have to do then, is to phone the relevant London escorts she works for, and set up a date. Do you think that you can do that for me? Good boy…

What are the things that all men need to know according to London escorts? One of the first things all men should know how to do, is to know how to use the washing machine. Once they have mastered the art of doing laundry, they need to be shown how to do the ironing. The amount of men I date when I am on London escorts duty who don’t know how to iron their own shirts, is simply ridiculous. I often start out be teaching my slaves the most basic domestic skills so they know what to do. Why should they bother their wife? Let them do their own laundry.

Men should also know how to cook a simple meal. Yes, I know that these days all you have to do is to pick up the phone and order a take away. That is great, but stop and think about it for a moment. Is that really what your wife does? I am pretty sure the wives of most men who date London escorts, don’t order a take away every day. Instead they stay at home and do the cooking. Is there any reason why you can’t help your wife to do the cooking? No, I did not think so.

Should men know how to clean the house? There is nothing I like better than seeing a man in an apron with a bucket and mop. Since I have been working for the cheapest escorts, I have taught many men how to clean the floors. As a matter of fact, thanks to my excellent teaching skills, the floors in my dungeons are spotlessly clean. Yes, there is more to life than having a successful career outside the home. Many women manage to be both domestic goddess and business women. Is there any reason why men can’t do the same thing? Or, maybe men are the weaker sex after all? I guess that is really what I would like to have an answer to.

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